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Directly north of Lili’s, swinging doors open to Fast Eddie’s Billiard Parlor, Pensacola’s finest pool room (formerly Coppersmith’s Galley, a cozy restaurant with a strong maritime flavor).

The ship’s doors are from old Liberty ships and the ship wheels are from master schooners that made tea and spice runs to China. The chandeliers are also from England. The flooring came from Mobile and the cypress doors from New Orleans. The benches are from the old L&N depot. The wainscot and impressive wall paneling here and in Lili Marlene’s are the result of Bob Snow’s clever use of numerous solid doors from the old American National bank (now Seville Tower, one block west).

The championship quality Brunswick pool tables are a popular addition to Seville Quarter. Another new touch is the “Wall of Fame” featuring photos and mementos from famous and not so famous (our friends) athletes.

Note Jerry Pate’s famous U.S. Open 5 iron, Emmitt Smith’s bowl jersey, Kenny Stabler’s Sugar Bowl seat and Roy Jones’ boxing gloves among the varied items.