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Seville Quarter Product of the Month Crown Royal Vanilla

Seville Quarter Product of the Month Crown Royal Vanilla

Product of the Month

Crown Royal Vanilla

          Crown Royal has launched a new flavor to its’ flagship line of Canadian blended whiskies.  Crown Royal Vanilla is now available throughout the entire complex at Seville Quarter. Crown Royal Vanilla is blended Canadian whiskey by Crown’s Master Blender infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

          With the addition of vanilla, this is most definitely a very approachable whiskey with no hard edges. The sweet and creamy vanilla flavoring is dominant with a subtle hint of whiskey in the background.        

          Crown has had mixed results foraging into the highly competitive flavored whiskey category that is on fire. They first introduced Crown Maple which in my opinion was way too heavy handed with the maple flavoring. It was all you could taste and had limited appeal. Great with a stack of pancakes, not so much in your cocktail.

          Crown corrected their mistake on their next flavor, Crown Regal Apple. The Apple was more restrained and integrated very well with the whiskey for an enjoyable drink. It’s been a big hit at Seville.

          Time will tell if Crown has another hit on their hands but it sure has created a buzz and bartenders are excited about the endless possibilities they can use Crown Vanilla in. You be the judge and ask for it from your favorite bartender at Seville.