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Wine Time with Marina Quirk - Mercer portfolio

  • February 23, 2017
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� The turn of the seasons brings a welcoming change in our lifestyles- and what a fabulous time to be in Pensacola! Judging by the recent weather, it is safe to say that we are well on our way towards those beautiful spring months. Along with the change in elements, there will also be a change in our food and wine. I have been keeping my eye out for some killer deals on white wine and ros�s, and am happy to recommend this Sauvignon Blanc from the Mercer portfolio. Coming from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA out of Washington, I was curious of Mercer�s interpretation of this wine. I was pleased to find out that this wine is complex, with nice citrus grapefruit, guava, green pepper, and mild jalape�o spice- a style replicating that of New Zealand (which I prefer over the mineral, grassy, more neutral style). With the warmer months approaching, these wines are tastefully complimentary with salads and seafood dishes. I pair this style of Sauvignon Blanc with all things spicy like wasabi, sriracha, and a chipotle pepper barbeque. If you are not the biggest fan of seafood I would try some black bean tacos with a mango, jalape�o, avocado salsa and to be real authentic grill a corn tortilla! Bill and I sampled the Mercer portfolio a few weeks back, and were both impressed with the diversity and richness of their wines. Seville Quarter is now carrying the Mercer Viognier, Canyons blend, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Sharp Sisters blend, and Merlot. The hardworking pioneers at Mercer have been spending the last several years growing Malbec- and I assure you Washington Malbec is something to be looking out for. It is a great study and truly satisfying being able to watch these cultural trends travel around the globe and into our glasses. Cheers, Pensacola!
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