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Wine Time with Marina Christina

  • December 29, 2016
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Cheers to 2016 Another conclusion of a bustling and energetic year draws ever so closer and what a fitting way to congratulate ourselves with some New Years libations! There are countless considerations on how to fill our glasses and thirsty appetites, and in my sincerely strong opinion, we all deserve a nice bottle of sparkling wine or champagne�at least�once�a year. It is common thought that a flute of bubbly is best as a brunch cocktail or reserved for a great commemoration to accomplishments and successes; but the true secret and magic of a sparkling wine is the year-round appeal, wide versatility with cuisine, and the approachability for any libation enthusiast. This is a drink for all occasions! One of my favorite sparkling wines I have come across is Francois Montand because of its consistent superb quality and unrivaled value. These vines have a deep-rooted history originating from Champagne, France, and transported to Jura, a �Zone Libre� in the 1940�s amidst World War II. A project started by Francois Montand, he and the preceding wine makers remain strictly loyal to the traditional double bottle fermentation method practiced in Champagne. ����������� In the Shoppe, we carry the Brut and Rose for 11.99 - both being a varietal blend resting in soils comprised of limestone and chalk. You can easily pair these wines with any food� and as long as you are a proficient chef, you are guaranteed a killer match! In this upcoming year, cherish the joy and love that deserves celebration. Cheers, Pensacola!
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