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Wine Time with Bill Carlson 2014 Evodia

  • June 3, 2016
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Wine of the Month for June 2014 Evodia Spain � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Over the past few years I have unabashedly become a big fan of the Grenache grape. Whether used as a blending grape in the south of France or on its own in Spain, the spicy berry fruit, perfumed nose and lush flavors have caught my attention. ��������������� Grenache here in America has always had a bad reputation. It was overproduced with high yields and turned into cheap California jug wine. Then there was a fascination with �white Grenache�, a sweet pink wine akin to white Zinfandel. This image has stuck in the mind of many American wine lovers. ��������������� In Spain, Grenache is known as Garnacha, and this is the true home of the grape. For Garnacha to thrive, it needs low yields in the vineyard and a hot, dry climate for the late-ripening fruit. The northeast area of Spain in Calatayud, with its high elevation and relentless sunshine, is perfect. ��������������� A fantastic example of Spanish Garnacha is from a producer called Altovinum. Their 2014 Evodia (Greek for aroma) from Calatayud is 100 percent Garnacha made from vines that are 100 years old vines produce less fruit; however the fruit is more complex and intense. ��������������� I have to mention that this wine sells for less than $10. Usually a good wine in this price range is super jammy and a fruit bomb. Nothing wrong with that, but the Evodia is so much more. Sure, the black raspberry fruit is there, but this wine has structure, a bit of spice on the finish and is very suave. This will be a crowd pleaser at your next dinner but still get raves from the dreaded wine geek. Remember to stick this beauty in the fridge for 20 minutes before enjoying. ��������������� As we are the City of Five Flags, this wine is a perfect fit! The Evodia hails from the Province of Zaragoza, in the region of Aragon, Spain. Recognize any of those names? ��������������� Head to the Wine Shoppe at Seville Quarter to experience the pleasures of Evodia.
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