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Wine Time

  • June 25, 2018
  • /   Bill Carlson
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santo assyritko bottle

Wine Time - Bill Carlson

2016 Santo Assyrtiko Santorini (Greece)

     As the weather is heating up, it's the perfect time to be drinking lighter bodied white wines that are crisp and refreshing. One of my favorites is from the strikingly beautiful Greek Island of Santorini where the grape Assyrtiko thrives. 

     Assyrtiko is indigenous to this Greek island and takes quite a bit like Sauvignon Blanc, but grown in the sun-drenched, maritime climate of the Mediterranean. Also what sets Assyrtiko apart is the vineyard are full of volcanic soil from a volcanic eruption that decimated the island in the 16th century BC. The ashy soil is full of nutrients which give the wines a fantastic minerality and act like a sponge to keep the root of the vines moist. 

     Santo has been making wines in Santorini since 1947. Their Assyrtiko is my summertime white. Smells like acacia flowers with tart Granny Smith apples and hints of freshly sliced pear. Aged in stainless with a great deal of acidity, it is a perfect matchup fro lighter summer fare.  Perfect with a plate of oysters or your favorite light and flaky fish. 

     The 2016 Santo Assyrtiko Santorini is available in Seville's Wine Shop for $16.99 and will be on the wine list under Aromatic Whites at The District.

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