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Wine of the Month By Marina Quirk

  • January 26, 2017
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G�Day from the Limestone Coast! � � � � � � As the interest and pursuit of wine blends with global connection, countries, wine makers, and entrepreneurs are dedicating their lifestyle in search of creating the ideal wine. A relatively newer addition to my studies includes Australia! With close proximity to New Zealand, I find Aussie wine to have great New World quality with an elegant finish leaving me curious to try more. ����������� Our Australian selection was hurting for a while in the shop! Thankfully we had a great tasting one afternoon, (must have been a fruit day) and we have, once again, a killer selection of new vino to choose from. One that stuck out to me was this 2014 Hidden Sea blend comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz (Syrah). This wine is an incredible value, great tasting fruit, medium tannin, and the presence of pepper spice that I am looking for in a Shiraz. I chilled the bottle 20 minutes prior to serving a BBQ thin crust pizza and I was pleased with the color, display, and drinkability as the wine continued to open up. ����������� I researched a couple interesting components that contribute to the successes of this prominent growing region in Southern Australia. The minerals of this terroir come from ancient riverbeds that deposited rich marine nutrients over the well-drained Limestone Coast. �Hidden Sea took the reigns from Stonehaven Winery who won international acclaim in the recent years of production. To add another kicker for the environmentalists out there, Hidden Sea donates $2 per case to preserve wildlife/natural ecosystems and local communities close to home. I am happy to have this wine in the shop for so many reasons. Take home a bottle of this Hidden Sea Blend for 17.99. Cheers, Pensacola!
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