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Welcome to the new SevilleQuarter.com!

  • March 27, 2013
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� It�s been a long time coming, but we are thrilled to unveil the new SevilleQuarter.com! Our new website features a�custom-built calendar system�to keep you informed of upcoming events. You can also�subscribe to our calendar feed�in iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook, or just�check our homepage�for a quick look at today�s events by room and the current weather forecast. Each event has its own page with details on date, time and room(s), among other information. If applicable, ticket prices will link directly to theTicketLeap�page where you can securely purchase tickets in advance. Our�latest news items�are published both on the homepage and through an�RSS�feed. You can follow us at�Facebook�and�Twitter, and receive special discounts and alerts by�signing up�for our email and text updates. Make sure you check out the different�room pages, each with its own 360��virtual tour, photo gallery and video playlist. Speaking of�photos�and�videos, we have integrated�Flickr�and�YouTube�services directly into our site, meaning you can browse content within SevilleQuarter.com. You can even share your own stuff! Add your Flickr photos to the�Seville Quarter group pool�and identify them with the�appropriate tags. If approved, they will appear within the appropriate room pages. And if you�let us know�of any YouTube videos you�ve taken at Seville, we may add them to our room playlists. You can also keep an eye on ourUSTREAM�page�for live streaming video straight from the dance floor! We�d like to thank the�Appleyard Agency�for their design and photography and�Coco Design�for the site development, in addition to Seville�s own Nick Bodkins, for assembling this amazing new website. Please�let us know�what you think of it as we continue to roll out new content and features, and enjoy!
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