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The Perfect Night Out in Downtown Pensacola, Florida

  • March 27, 2013
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� Associated Content Published June 01, 2007 by: Rhazi The Perfect Night Out in Downtown Pensacola, Florida You�ll want to wet your whistle in the collection of bars known as�Seville Quarter. Located off Government Street in Downtown Pensacola inside used to be the old historic courthouse is a collection of bars for anyone�s taste. You�ll enjoy dueling pianists, pool and sports on TV., karaoke, a quiet moment in the courtyard, and the occasional contest or event. The environment itself is a real treasure, the old building is absolutely beautiful and full of vitality. Local urban legend also adds to Seville Quarter�s color with talk of ghosts that may still haunt it. Personally I recommend the karaoke on Wednesday nights; bring your friends and after a drink or two you�ll be a star. Even if you�re not a big drinker, you�ll still enjoy the unique atmosphere, there is rarely a cover charge, simply an ID check and you are free to wander from bar to bar, each one with it�s own style. This is a great place to celebrate or just visit with a group of friends. For more information be sure to visit�www.sevillequarter.com.
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