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Seville Quarter Sparking Love

  • February 1, 2019
  • /   Brooke Policicchio
  • /   apple-annies
Photo By Aislinn Kate Photography

We asked Seville Quarter Patrons to send in their love stories about how they've met, got engaged, or married at Seville Quarter to share the love with our readers in February. We had great submissions, and here are just a few! 

Submitted By: Megan Miccio

When we started dating in September of 2017, we started a tradition of "Fancy Fridays" that consisted of us getting extremely dressed up and sitting in the front row of Rosie O'Grady's dueling piano bar from the time they opened until they kicked us out at 2 am every single Friday. We shared many dances on the stage, many drinks at the bar, and many laughs with the piano players that became our friends.
On January 12th, 2018, (and little to my knowledge) Ryan had planned a big proposal on what we now call "The Fanciest Friday." 
Here is Ryan's version of the story from that night:
"When we got inside the piano bar that night, we found a table and began to order our first round. I was being my usual social butterfly while Megan and her dad held the table. I was actually talking to the piano player, Jordan, to make sure everything was good to go.  Soon after, I request one of our favorite songs called Greatest Love Story by LANCO. As the song starts to play I pull her to the stage. She thought nothing of it, being that we have danced on stage before. Only this time it was different.
This time I had managed to convince her to wear the same red dress that she wore on our first ever Fancy Friday, while I wore the same suit, in front of her father and friends who were waiting in a separate part of the bar who came in just as the second chorus began to play. She saw her friends crowding the stage as she turned, slow dancing in front of the big white pianos. At that moment, she knew. As the song continued, it came to a part where the lyrics read, “Went to the store, bought you a ring and got down on one knee.” Then, like on cue, I dropped to one knee and asked Megan to be my wife.
All over the bar I had her dad, her friends, some of my classmates, and other friends who I stationed all around the bar to get all different angles of the action. Chris the bartender to take pictures from on top of the bar, other bartenders to ring the bell in the back and Jordan to serenade the crowd. We had spent every single Friday in the piano bar from open to close. We were a household name over there for a while… Megan and that guy in the bow tie. It is home away from home for us and it was the perfect spot for us to begin the rest of our lives together."
We've tried other piano bars across the country, but they just aren't the same.  Ryan is currently stationed at RAF Mildenhall in England so we are too far away for Friday visits now, but we look forward to visiting again when we come back to the states to see family.
Below is a link to the youtube video of our engagement that my dad took, and attached is a picture taken from on top of the bar. 

Submitted By: Brian Casey

Well, it seems like only yesterday, but it was actually in October of 1977, that one enchanted evening a very young Marine flight student offered his stool to a very young school teacher from Milton in the End of the Alley Bar at Seville Quarter.  We were married in January of 1979, and recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  We still get to the EOA whenever we can on our Saturday "date nights" to relive old memories and meet new friends.

Submitted By: Jocelyn Morrow

8 years ago, my now-husband and I shared our first kiss at Seville. Our first date was earlier that day, and then that night we went out with a group of friends. We had our first kiss and now here we are 8 years later - happily married with 3 kids! A friend of mine snuck a picture of the kiss, and it’s nice to have the memory. 

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Photo Credit: 

  • https://www.aislinnkatephotography.com
  • Jessie Fields Photography 
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