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Seville Quarter Passing Out Thanksgiving Meals

  • December 4, 2013
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The crew at Seville Quarter spent much of the day preparing and passing out Thanksgiving meals to the community. "Freezing temperatures are on the way tonight, most locations will be in the 20s, but the heat is on here at Seville Quarter.� They are frying up 160 turkeys to donate today." It started a little over a decade ago preparing turkeys to be given to the community. Buck Mitchell/Seville Quarter "We will do all the ARC homes, we'll do UCP homes, we'll do Council on Aging, Catholic Charities, a bunch of different churches, and then there's some folks that we have on our list every year that we go to and make sure they're guaranteed a good Thanksgiving meal." The first year, they cooked 40 turkeys.� Today, that number has quadrupled. "We've gotten so big that we can't fry em all.� So we have half smoked turkeys and half fried turkeys." Enter Seville's Friends at the Happy Pig Cafe and their smoker. Mark Thornton/The Happy Pig Cafe "We like giving back to the community.� That's the whole point is just give everything back to the community." Dale Jordan knows meals like this mean a lot to families in Covenant Hospice' care. Dale Jordan/Picking up for Covenant Hospice "To provide a Thanksgiving dinner for them and a surprise, and some of their families with them, so it's a big deal." The turkey fryers are bubbling like a well oiled machine, but it takes a crew to make this happen.� Mitchell says sharing this experience with family and friends is just gravy on the stuffing. Turner Mitchell/Junior Turkey Chef "I started doing the timers with dropping and pulling, and now I'm moving to dropping it and pulling it." All in an effort to make it a happy holiday. "This is just one of many events along the Gulf Coast designed to help this Thanksgiving season. � Read More at:�http://www.weartv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/seville-quarter-passing-out-thanksgiving-meals-38744.shtml?wap=0#.UpeBO3m9Kc0 � http://www.weartv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/seville-quarter-passing-out-thanksgiving-meals-38744.shtml?wap=0#.UpeBO3m9Kc0
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