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Seville Quarter and Studers Partner on the Q, a Free Downtown Lunch Trolley

  • November 4, 2014
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The private sector has joined forces to make lunch time in Downtown Pensacola a little easier. Yesterday Jack Williams of Seville Quarter, along with Quint and Rishy Studer, began providing a free trolley service for the downtown area. Its route will be in the shape of the letter Q. The press release explained how the route�s shape inspired the name of the trolley service. �Like the London Tube and the Chicago L, characteristics of the transportation system inspired the trolley�s name, The trolley�s route, resembling the shape of the letter Q, is what sparked the name for the trolley, the �Q.� �From the Maritime Park, to Seville Quarter, to the SOGO District, the Q�s route will take riders through the most popular parts of downtown,� says Jack Williams, owner of Seville Quarter. Making the loop approximately every 20 minutes, the Q will start its route at the newly built Maritime Place Office Building by the Maritime Park. From there, the route will continue east on Main Street, north on Tarragona Street, west on Government Street, north on Palafox Place, west on Belmont Street, and south on DeVilliers Street, completing the route back to Maritime Place. Rishy Studer, owner of the Bodacious Family of Shops, said the trolley would help downtown workers and shoppers get from place to place in an entertaining way. �There are so many people who work in downtown Pensacola that don�t have the time to spend to go to out lunch because it would take most of their break just getting to the restaurant,� says Rishy Studer. �The Q is going to be a free transportation service to help those people get around downtown during the busy lunch hours without having to worry about finding parking or walking ten blocks.� Plans for the trolley are to run from November through the holiday season. Popularity and ridership of the Q during the months of November and December will determine it�s running schedule after the first of the year. � Post Published: 04 November 2014 Author: Rick Outzen Found in section:�News
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