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Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

  • May 31, 2018
  • /   Bill Carlson
  • /   product-of-the-month
Rouge Dead Guy

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

By: Bill Carlson

A growing trend in the craft beer industry is breweries not only brewing beers, but also distilling spirits and whiskies. A “Brewstillery” if you will. 

Rogue Ales from Newport, Oregon has been a pioneer in the craft beer industry but now are turning a lot of heads in the spirits industry. As we are in the midst of a whiskey era with unprecedented growth, Rogue has upped their whiskey game and have crafted an excellent small batch whiskey called Dead Guy Whiskey.

If you’re a microbrew beer lover you are very familiar with Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. The uses the same 3 malts (without the hops) that go into the ale and distills them rather than brews them. In true farm to bottle fashion the malts are grown on Rogue’s barley farm in Oregon’s Tygh Valley.

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey also benefits from being ocean aged which is quite fashionable. The whiskey in barrel goes out to sea on a ship and the maritime air and constant “sloshing” movement act as an expediter in the aging process. So it’s actually only aged a couple years at sea but tastes much more mellow and complex.

The oak aging brings out the vanilla and caramel characteristics in the lighter style, 80 proof whiskey. Rogue’s own malted barleys and rye make it unique and give it a distinct flavor. The packaging has been greatly improved with a decanter style heavy glass bottle and the Dead Guy metal topper.

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey is available in Seville’s Wine and Gift Shoppe for $41.99

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