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Red rears result from Bull Run at Seville Quarter

  • July 24, 2014
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PNJ.com Troy Moon The tally from Saturday's Running of the Bulls at Seville Quarter? No B.S. Plenty of B.B.S. (That's no bull slips, despite a little rain. Plenty of bruised back sides.) Hundreds of Pensacola residents and visitors are sporting bruised butts today after being whacked repeatedly with over-sized plastic baseball bats by about 50 skating demon bulls from the Pensacola Roller Gurlz and other local skate clubs. The fourth annual Fiesta de San Fermin en Pensacola Running of the Bulls began under gray skies at Seville Quarter Saturday morning. Still, a few hundred turned out in traditional white-shirts and red-bandanas to run the two-mile course through the streets of downtown Pensacola. The event is modeled after the iconic Running of the Bulls in Spain. Many of the "bulls" chased runners out of the gate, while others were strategically hidden behind vehicles and bushes throughout the route, ready to spring surprise and hurt on their prey. "They all got me!" yelled Rich Presley, 26, after four "bulls" jumped from behind a car to take a bite out of his behind with over-sized plastic bats. "Man, all at once." How hard do the bulls hit? "Depending on the person," said Susan Carter, who skates as Smacker Jack Suzie. "Young people and old people, not so hard." Bull Tracy Hornbrook wielded double barrels � a bat in each hand � as she waited for runners near Seville Square, a few blocks from the starting and finish lines at Seville Quarter. Are the folks taking their beatings like adults? "So and so,'' she said. "You've got some freaks out there." One man ran through a gauntlet of Gurlz backwards, giving them prime meat to aim at. "It hurts so good,'' he yelled as he ran through. "It hurts so good." One guy, JaRod Lodde, said the bulls were "firm but gentle." His partner, B.J. Head, wasn't so diplomatic. "I got a few little tender spots,'' he said. "They got me good." Rain came down toward the end of the run, but Carter said it wouldn't slow the bulls. "It's all good,'' she said, bat in hand. "It doesn't bother us. It's perfect."
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