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Pensacola Named #1 Top Gulf Coast Towns by Gulfscapes Magazine

  • March 27, 2013
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� Gulf Coast Lifestyle Magazine h4. For Immediate Release June 16, 2011 CORPUS�CHRISTI, TX: Gulfscapes, the premier�Gulf Coast lifestyle magazine, announces the winners in its 2011 Voters� Choice Best Gulf Coast Town Contest! The contest is part of the celebration of Gulfscapes� 10th Anniversary. Gulfscapes� readers voted for the Best Gulf Coast Town in an online contest. The magazine, sold in more than 600 stores and 11 States, has released the overall winner and the Top 10 vote-getters. And the winner of the 2011 Best Gulf Coast Town is . . . Pensacola, Florida! The 2011 Voters� Choice Best Gulf Coast Towns are: #1 Pensacola, FL Surfside, TX Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, AL Rockport, TX Port Aransas, TX Destin, FL Mexico Beach, FL Naples, FL Galveston, TX Baton Rouge, LA As winner, Pensacola will be featured in our 10th Anniversary issue, due on the shelves the first week of August. All Top 10 towns will be covered in the issue, along with regional �hot spots� from each state (�hot spots� are areas with groups of small towns located near each other that, combined, received significant votes). To subscribe, advertise, or Order individual copies of this issue or order bulk copies of our 10th Anniversary issue, for more info please go to www.Gulfscapes.com. Editorial suggestions for these towns should be submitted to: Victoria and Craig Rogers / Co-Publishers Congratulations to Pensacola and all the Top 10 winners in our 2011 Voters� Choice Best Gulf Coast Town Contest!
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