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October Product of the Month - Rogue Cold Brew IPA

  • September 26, 2017
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Product of the Month � Rogue Cold Brew IPA What do you get when two of Oregon�s most famous companies combine forces and make a totally unique beverage? Rogue Cold Brew IPA made with Rogue Farm hops blended with Stumptown Coffee Roasters� Cold Brew Coffee. Traditionally coffee flavored beers are found only in dark beers like Porters and Stouts, not IPAs. Cold Brew Coffee is less acidic and bitter than hot-brewed coffee and has overtones of chocolate and caramel. The Rogue IPA is bitter and acidic with notes of grapefruit. So what you have is two totally different beverages blended together and it totally works. The Rogue Cold Brew IPA has 3 unique hops (Liberty, Rebel, Freedom) grown on its� farm and each batch gets blended with 200 gallons of Stumptown Cold Brew. This is high in alcohol (7.5%) and high on the bitterness scale (82 IBUs). It pours a slightly hazy butterscotch color and the first thing that hits you is roasted coffee. Then a nice zest of citrus, hoppy bitterness with chocolate and almond nougat. The Rogue Cold Brew IPA pairs well with anything from glazed doughnuts to barbecue. Its fantastic having two cultish, high quality companies coming together and representing Oregon. Rogue Cold Brew IPA is served on draft in End O�The Alley Bar. Stop in for some hops and coffee.
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