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Lex and the Luthors

  • August 16, 2021
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lex and the luthors
Lex and the Luthors is a collaboration of only the finest musicians, the two original members hailing from Feudal Japan, where their #1 single, “Get Off the Stove Grandma (You’re Too Old to Ride the Range)” reigned on the Country and Western charts for 13 nonconsecutive weeks. Pop idol and national folk hero Alexa was playing acoustic in a club when bassist Rob “Four Fingers of Fury” was charmed by her velvet voice. He was determined to work with her, and the rest is history. They telegraphed some friends in the states, letting them know that they were looking for a guitarist when they decided to move to San Francisco. They were put in touch with Andrew (codename: The Photographer), who had been working as a guitarist for quite some time in all the great clubs and collaborating with Steven, The Diamond Drummer. They decided to get together for a jam session and everything just clicked. The last remaining piece to the puzzle was Jimmy “JAM”, the KEYBOARD MONSTER, a wild rabid animal that has added a huge dynamic to their sound. They now all live together in a house on a hill, and play music in the basement with a standup comedian and a co-host of the local morning television show “Wake Up, San Francisco”.   Alexa and the Rippers is the hottest new Florida cover band to come on the music scene! The Pensacola Florida based band packs a lot into their shows And will give you rock, hip hop, techno, 80's and country all under cover of a high tech light show and a high energy performance. They have quickly become one of the Florida Panhandle favorite cover bands and are certain to rapidly become one of the top Regional bands. Alexa and the Rippers  is GUARANTEED to give you a show you wont soon forget.
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