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Killer Big Zinfandel by Marina Christina

  • September 28, 2016
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There are many reasons why the world of wine is so inviting and intoxicating. Fascination and mystery are found when studying the rich terroir and history of the cultivation of Earth.� Within this study, comes a deep rooted connection with the culture and people who dedicate their lives in search of understanding that mystery. I am passionate about wine because it involves family, friends, and food.� It is a lifestyle of sharing tradition and stories, and through that dialogue, relationships are created.� �����The Zinfandel grape has become one of my favored varietals in the United States for its vigorous and well-balanced taste. I think the trend of sweet white Zinfandel turned folks off of this grape, but trust me; this varietal has a lot to say! This 1000 Stories Zinfandel is an easy drinking robust wine with its own unique background and history. What is the tasty trick winemaker Bob Blue uses? The answer is bourbon. Coming out of Mendocino, California, this bourbon barrel aged Zinfandel began its fermenting journey in traditional American and French wine barrels, transitioned to new bourbon b arrels, and then finished the process in Heaven Hill and Four Roses bourbon barrels.� This small batch wine has a decadent bouquet of vanilla and toasted caramel while maintaining and complimenting the juicy nature of the Zinfandel grape. This 1000 Stories would pair well with red meats, smoky BBQ, red sauce dishes, and flat bread pizzas and is available in the wine shop at a great price of $15.99!� The 1000 Stories will be one of the featured guests in our upcoming Killer Zinfandel and Pizza event here at Seville Quarter!� Join SQ and Breakthru Beverage October 6th 5:30-7:30 to taste twelve different Zinfandels all paired with ten different styled pizzas.� Purchase your ticket at the Wine Shop today for $20.00. Tickets include a five dollar rebate on any Zinfandel we carry in the shop.� Cheers, Pensacola!
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