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I’magene returns for Pensacola performance

  • February 11, 2019
  • /   Savannah Evanoff
  • /   phineas-phoggs
imagene band

I’magene missed trash day its first three weeks in Nashville, but — other than that — jives well with the hustle and bustle of the music-centric city.

The former Emerald Coast band that calls its genre melancholy soul synth-pop, moved to Nashville in November. The group is composed of Anthony O’Shae on keys and vocals, Jessica Heit on violin and keytar, Charlie Buice on drums and Robby Walton on guitar, vocals, keys and bass.

O’Shae said he loves being surrounded with so many people in the music industry.

“Living here, you don’t know who you’re walking past,” O’Shae said. “It’s really cool to be around like-minded people who are super motivated, but also being around people who have already done it and learning from them how to get to the next level.”

I’magene will return to Northwest Florida in February for its first two performances here since relocating. The band will perform an acoustic set Feb. 13 at the Funky Blues Shack, 34902 Emerald Coast Parkway, Destin, and a full set with opener Ben Loftin & the Family on Feb. 15 at Phineas Phogg’s Disco in Seville Quarter, E. Government St., Pensacola. For details, visit Facebook.com/ImageneMusic.


During a phone interview with DN, I’magene members set Walton’s phone to speaker and kick it on the couch. They “smoothie it up” after their morning gym sessions, said Walton — adding O’Shae goes to a more “fancy schmancy” gym than the rest of the members.

The band has spent the past few months honing its sound and performing in nearby cities, such as Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; Indianapolis and St. Louis.

Some were confused about why the band relocated to Nashville, O’Shae said. The goal was to network and build a new fan base and a younger fan base, he said.

“The biggest misunderstanding that a lot of people had is that we were going to Nashville for some miraculous reason, like we were signed and had a full schedule already ready to go,” O’Shae said. “The reason we were moving is a new beginning for us, pretty much like we did in Destin starting at ground zero.”

The band isn’t performing six days a week anymore, Walton said. He’s not mad about it.

“Now with sparser shows, there’s more time to work on the music and hone the sound in between the gigs, which we’ve really enjoyed,” Walton said. “Getting to pause for a second. We really needed that.”

One major change for the band is its living quarters.

The four moved in together and share a two-story place in east Nashville. Walton compares its level of privacy to a dorm.

“You can hear everything from every room,” Walton said. “If I sniffle in the kitchen, you can hear it Charlie’s bedroom downstairs.”

O’Shae and Heit rule the kingdom above, and Walton and Buice inhabit the dungeon below, Walton said. They recently discovered a hole that leads from Walton’s room to Heit’s room, he added with a laugh.

The space isn’t next level, but the city is. Walton likes how there’s always something to do in Nashville, he said.

“Bars — they try to be unique and try to be weird,” Walton said. “The people there are even weirder. Everyone has their unique style. It’s just been super cool hangin’ in that artistic culture.”

When asked what they miss about Northwest Florida, Heit shouts out “the beach” in the background. But, after a few moments of pondering, she adds Mexican restaurant Burrito del Sol to her answer, with Walton quickly seconding the notion.

The thing they all agree on missing is their fans.

“We’re excited to see everyone,” Walton said. “It’s still home. We have all those people there that we worked so hard for over the years.”

Read original article here: https://www.nwfdailynews.com/entertainmentlife/20190209/imagene-returns-for-fwb-pensacola-performances

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