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Family of Derrick Brooks gathers at Seville Quarter to watch Hall of Fame ceremony

  • August 13, 2014
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PNJ.com Pensacola's Derrick Brooks is now part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Brooks' Ensrhinment Ceremony was last night in Canton, Ohio. Brooks was swarmed by fans there as he arrived at Fawcet Stadium. His son, Decalon, presented Brooks for the unveiling of the bronze bust. Brooks then spent 24 minutes thanking those who helped get him to where he is. The thank you's started with his hometown. "I want to take a moment now, as I start my thank you letter, to say thank you to Pensacola, Florida, and everybody that came up here from Pensacola. We are definitely in the house." Teammates and coaches were there from Youth Ball, to Washington, to FSU, and to the Bucs. His most important thank you's were saved for his late parents. ��� Brooks said of his mother, "she taught me this lesson.� She said, 'never let me hear you toot your own horn, because you only hear one sound, but if everybody else is talking about you, that sound is forever.� You got me to do all the talking and you just shut up and do what you gotta do.'� So mom, I know you're not here, but thank you. And I know you and my dad are enjoying this in heaven.� I miss you both." Finally, Brooks then vowed to use his new title as a hall of famer to help others in whatever form that takes. He calls it being a servant leader, and pursues it with humility. Brooks said, "but this humility, as I once learned is not thinking less of yourself, but it's thinking of yourself less, and someone also taught me that most people will forget what you say, some will forget what you do, but no one will ever forget how you made them feel." Some of derrick's family that couldn't make it to Canton got together to watch his enshrinement at Seville Quarter in downtown Pensacola. He comes from a very big family, and all of the Pensacola area is kind of like Derrick's extended family. For his actual family members, the pride is extra special... Gary Brooks, Derrick's cousin, said, "he took everything, and did it the right way, and I appreciate that. I can't do nothing, but be humble to him, and thank him for his accomplishments, and the family is the same way. Man. we love you." Another cousin of Derrick, Brett Brooks, said, "he growed up to be a great person, and it's a good thing to see him do family proud his proud you know� Pensacola proud all that." Only 287 men are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and two of them are from Pensacola. Derrick Brooks, the Washington High alum, is the second person. Emmitt Smith went into the Hall of Fame four years ago. �
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