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COCKTAIL HOUR: Buck Thomas Lynchburg lemonade

  • March 27, 2013
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� PNJ.COM BUCK�THOMASʥ�SPECIAL�TO�THE�NEWS�JOURNALʥJUNE�23, 2010 Like most bartenders, I often encounter the indecisive customer. I ask, �What may I get you?� �I don�t know. What�s your specialty?� I must now help make their decision for them. (Not always an easy task.) When asked for their �specialty,� most bartenders have either a go-to drink or a selection of drinks made with the newest products. I am no different, but I often like to use this opportunity to reintroduce some of the classic drinks that our parents or even grandparents might have had. In doing so, I may bridge the generational gap though drink. With the warm summer nights, I have found that a great go-to drink is usually something that won�t lose its taste with the melting of ice. Lynchburg lemonade is an excellent summertime beverage for this reason. Plus it tastes fantastic, and it combines the adult taste of whiskey with the lemonade taste of childhood. Preferably made with Jack Daniels, Triple Sec and sweet & sour mix, many people have made their own variations of this classic beverage. So the next time you are out in town and need to cool off just a little, try a Lynchburg lemonade. Lynchburg Lemonade 1 ounce Jack Daniels 1/2 ounce Triple Sec 1 ounce sweet & sour mix Sprite Pour Jack Daniels, triple sec and sweet & sour into a glass filled with ice, then add Sprite. Garnish with lemon wedge or cherry. Seville Quarter, 130 E. Government St., Pensacola. 434-6211, or visit www.sevillequarter.com.
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