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May Bourbon of the Month

  • April 30, 2018
  • /   Bill Carlson
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WL Weller Special Reserve

WL Weller Special Reserve

One of the best deals in today’s highly competitive and often ridiculously expensive bourbon market is WL Weller Special Reserve. It’s been called the “Poor Man’s Pappy”, which is quite a tribute for a bourbon that costs under $30  compared to the 4 figure prices Pappy Van Winkle commands, if you’re lucky to find a bottle.

WL Weller Special Reserve has a lot in common with Pappy. Both are owned by the Sazerac Company and made at Buffalo Trace. Both are wheated bourbons which means that after corn, wheat rather than rye is the secondary grain. Wheated bourbons are known to be less spicy, more sweet and fruity.

I’m not going to tell you it tastes just like a 15 year old Pappy as it doesn’t. It’s a younger bourbon that’s not as developed or complex aa a Pappy. But for a go to bourbon, straight or in a cocktail, this is tough to beat. It has the pedigree of bourbons costing three times as much. The “Poor Man’s Pappy” or “Baby Pappy” has subtle notes of vanilla bean, toffee with a bit of citrus.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to drink like one! The word on Weller is getting out and is not as easy to come by it as it used to be. We have it in Seville’s Wine & Gift Shoppe for $29.99 which is amazing from this historic brand, the pioneers of wheated bourbon.

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