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Wine Time By Marina Quirk - Killer Rosé

Wine Time By Marina Quirk - Killer Rosé
Yes Way, Rosé!
Following the trends of the seasons, it is not unusual seeing a change in the choice of beverage to satisfy our thirst in the heat of a Pensacola summer. One specific wine I am on the lookout for is a killer Rosé. I enjoy Rosé  for it’s versatility on the palate, its year round drinkability, and its cost-effective price. As my studies broaden, I am constantly exposed to these microclimates and wine projects of people all over the world. Whether one is enjoying a nice glass of Rosé from Italy, from Taval, or the hills of Napa, it should always be a celebration drinking wine.
Our Rosé  selection is very easy to find at our Wine Shop at Seville Quarter- just take a look at our green stained-glass windows and you will find lucious hues of salmon and pink, just as you would looking at a bouquet of flowers. Keeping in mind that Rosé gets its color from the skin-contact method, any wine lover can try their favorite grapes/styles of wine as a Rosé! It can get pretty geeky when I find myself super excited to try a Rosé made from Sangiovese or Nebbiolo varietals.
If I haven’t convinced you by now that Rosé will be an incredible addition to your wine “to drink” list, I would like to make a recommendation called Hogwash. A project by Tuck Beckstoffer, this wine is killer- an exemplary representation of what Rosé should be… satisfying, elegant, and approachable. When exploring this wine, I felt my face was receiving a delicate splash of rose water. I felt content, refreshed, and hydrated. Pick up the Hogwash Rosé at Seville Quarters wine shop for $14.99. Enjoy this wine with a nice chill, pair with food, or drink outside on the porch with a sunset.

Cheers, Pensacola!