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July Product of the Month – MIA Mega Mix Pale Ale

July Product of the Month – MIA Mega Mix Pale Ale

MIA Beer Company is a young brewery in Doral Florida right near Miami International Airport hence the name MIA. MIA makes a wide assortment of beer styles and are known for their very colorful beer cans with witty names like Miami Weiss, Tourist Trappe and Amberghini Amber Ale.

My favorite of the lot is called Mega Mix Pale Ale in a can that pays homage to the 1980s and Pacman. When the Mega Mix is poured into a glass it has a lovely sunset orange color and a distinct haziness to it which is very trendy now. Lots of tropical aromas with notes of grapefruit, guava and a bit of caramel.

MIA Mega Mix Pale Ale is easier to drink than an IPA. If you don’t like bitter beers that are high in alcohol then you will like this style. It’s made with Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops and not super high in alcohol (6%) or bitterness (50 IBU’s) that you can have more than one.

We serve MIA Mega Mix and Miami Weiss in the can in Apple Annie’s and on draft in End O’The Alley. Be sure to try our new “nucleated” pint glasses available only in End O’The Alley. A nucleated glass has special etching on the bottom of the inside of the glass and helps release carbonation creating a steady stream of bubbles which help release more aromatics and retain a nice head. It is also a thinner glass which feels more comfortable in your hand and has a cool curved lip two inches from the top like English Pub glasses.

The next time you’re in Seville try a pint of Mega Mix and make sure and enjoy this hazy brew in our English style pint glasses with the nucleated etchings.